About us

Since its foundation in 1948, the company has focussed on the development and production of innovative mechanical solutions. These developments take into account the design phase, the realisation of prototypes as well as the production, at different scales, of the related series. Production includes quality control and measurements required by either the customer or international/military quality standards. The company is active and has gained an international reputation for its expertise in three fields: special gear boxes, high end mechanical systems such as grippers for assembly systems, pump mechanisms for both the medical and the chemical industries and target systems for shooting practice (defence industry).

The company has provided proprietary products for all these fields. These products can be the result of self analysis of specific market demand and requirements. They can also be based on technical requirement provided by a customer and/or developed in close collaboration with such a customer. Several of our products are integrated in systems sold by companies we are working in close collaboration with. Only about 5 to 10% of our sales is from pure subcontracting work.

During the design and realization of a product, the company focus on criterions such as:

  • Respect of the technical requirements
  • Very short delivery time from idea to product
  • Intense collaboration with the customer
  • Innovative and high quality solutionsBaur SA office