The "CF3" target system is an universal low weight and low size infantry target that can be used stationary or together with mobile systems. The "CF3" can be remotely controlled by radio or wireless LAN (WiFi). The “CF3” is a rugged target system that can be used outdoors in very demanding environment allowing either frontal or lateral movements without requiring extra tools or mechanical adaptations.
The "CF3" can be controlled remotely with a CRC4 (radio command unit) or from a central command unit (CCU) equipped with the ciblesCOM or the new TargetCommander software suite (additional functions will then be available).

The "CF3" can be powered by battery (e.g. CF3.100-LFP) or network using dedicated interface system. The "CF3" system was designed for very low maintenance (e.g. no cables required to install the battery), easy use and optimized storage and transportation. 

More than 5000 CF3 systems are used worldwide by army as well as law enforcement units.